Teepause bei der Winterwanderung. Tea break on the winter hike. Foto: Daisy Richter

Wonderful weather for winter hiking

The sun is shining, there are icy temperatures and I hike through a beautiful winter landscape early in the morning. It is just wonderful. I take a short break enjoying a hot herbal tea out of the thermos bottle. Taking time

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Wasser kochen auf dem Gaskocher. / Boiling water on the gas stove. Fotomontage: Daisy Richter

Boiling tea on the gas stove

The „world“ has closed again at the moment, so you have to help yourself. A nice warm tea on a tour is no problem. Simply switch on the gas cooker and after less than five minutes, the water boils and

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Tee beim Sonnenuntergang./Tea at sunset. Foto: Daisy Richter

Tea at sunset

On a little tour through the woods, I made a cup of tea at the end and enjoyed it at sunset with a view of the distance.

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Guten Morgen! Foto: Daisy Richter


The corona crisis has kept the country under control for months. As a Bushcrafter, however, I am not dependent on open restaurants, theaters, cinemas or exhibitions. (Please do not get it wrong, I appreciate all of this very much, I

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