Abendstimmung / evening mood.

Calm in the evening mood

In these hectic and challenging times it is beneficial to go into the forest in the evening and just enjoy the silence, it gives you strength for the new day.

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Frühlingserwachen / spring awakening.

Spring awakening

For me, spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It is fascinating to see how nature comes to life again after winter. Everything is turning green, the birds are singing and the days are getting longer.

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Rehspuren im Schnee. / Deer tracks in the snow.

Looking for animal tracks in the snow

When it has snowed and the snow is not too deep, animal tracks are particularly easy to find. Here you can see the footprints of a deer very good, which probably ran across the field early in the morning. Looking

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Teepause bei der Winterwanderung. Tea break on the winter hike.

Wonderful weather for winter hiking

The sun is shining, there are icy temperatures and I hike through a beautiful winter landscape early in the morning. It is just wonderful. I take a short break enjoying a hot herbal tea out of the thermos bottle. Taking time

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Wasser kochen auf dem Feuer für einen leckeren Kaffee / Boil water on the fire for a delicious coffee.

Coffee time!

The days are getting shorter, colder and windier. Now it´s fun, to cook on fire. The water for the coffee didn’t take long.

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