Tee beim Sonnenuntergang./Tea at sunset. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Tea at sunset

On a little tour through the woods, I made a cup of tea at the end and enjoyed it at sunset with a view of the distance.

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Guten Morgen! Foto: Chris Bergau/


The corona crisis has kept the country under control for months. As a Bushcrafter, however, I am not dependent on open restaurants, theaters, cinemas or exhibitions. (Please do not get it wrong, I appreciate all of this very much, I

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Schnell gebauter Shelter. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Practice building shelters

A shelter has many advantages: it protects against rain, wind and cold. As a Bushcrafter, you should start building simple shelters at an early stage. It is not always important to build the perfect shelter, but to understand how a

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Gebratener Schinken und Spiegelei, in der Gusseisenpfanne ein Hochgenuss. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Ham and fried egg in an iron pan

Today at noon I was able to test my new cast iron pan for the first time. Admittedly, it is far too heavy and too big for hiking, but just the right thing for cooking in the outdoors. The menu

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Ein kleines Feuerchen beruhigt die Seele. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Little fire

Shortly before it started to rain, there was still time for a small fire. With really dry wood, the small wood gas stove burned very well and of course also smoke-free. Fire always has a very special fascination and it

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Eine schnelle Variante, sich ein Shelter zu bauen. Foto Chris Bergau/

Fast accomodation

A quick way to build a „shelter“ is to simply put a few branches on a tree trunk. If you cover this shelter with leaves, moss or a tarpaulin, you have a relatively warm and weather-protected emergency shelter.

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