Boiling tea on the gas stove

Wasser kochen auf dem Gaskocher. / Boiling water on the gas stove. Fotomontage: Chris Bergau /

The „world“ has closed again at the moment, so you have to help yourself. A nice warm tea on a tour is no problem. Simply switch on the gas cooker and after less than five minutes, the water boils and five minutes leater the tea is ready.


Guten Morgen! Foto: Chris Bergau/

The corona crisis has kept the country under control for months. As a Bushcrafter, however, I am not dependent on open restaurants, theaters, cinemas or exhibitions. (Please do not get it wrong, I appreciate all of this very much, I just write that I am not dependent on it!). As a Bushcrafter, I make my … Weiterlesen …

Little fire

Ein kleines Feuerchen beruhigt die Seele. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Shortly before it started to rain, there was still time for a small fire. With really dry wood, the small wood gas stove burned very well and of course also smoke-free. Fire always has a very special fascination and it is a great experience to just sit next to it and look into the flickering … Weiterlesen …

Fast accomodation

Eine schnelle Variante, sich ein Shelter zu bauen. Foto Chris Bergau/

A quick way to build a „shelter“ is to simply put a few branches on a tree trunk. If you cover this shelter with leaves, moss or a tarpaulin, you have a relatively warm and weather-protected emergency shelter.

Fire in winter

Schmeißt ordentliche Wärme, der neue Holzofen. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Today I tested the heat output of the new wood stove. It was decent minus degrees and also a sharp wind in the mountains. The stove did a great job, I was comfortably warm the whole time without building any special protection around the stove and without a tarp.

Hot coffee

Kaffee kochen über dem Holzfeuer. Foto: Chris Bergau/

Even if the winter in the Kammland Ore Mountains was as good as failed this year, a hot coffee in nature is always good!